MOVE Mobility



Hans Voerknecht

senior consultant

Sustainable mobility

Better cities: No more cars than the city can bear; the rest is bikes, buses, (light)rail and MaaS (Mobility as a Service)


+31 (0)6 1970 0141




I work on all fronts on strategic innovations in the field of sustainable mobility, and have already achieved a great deal. Together with Henk Tromp, we are the founders of the Mobiliteitsscan, an instrument to make the effects of interventions in mobility tangible and manageable. I am also at home in other markets: strategic explorations for the impact of mobility choices on the functioning of the city, parking policy, bicycle policy (also internationally), chain movements (including P + Bike), mobility management and goods transport. I am one of the founding fathers of the Dutch Cycling Embassy and the ThinkBike Workshops.

For me it is important not to start thinking in terms of measures, but to consider the effects to be achieved and, from there, to consider various measures laid down in the CROW’s “Wikken en Wegen” approach. Furthermore, I believe that in terms of (car) mobility, we must assume the capacity of a city and not accommodating to the demand. I would like to further develop these concepts.