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1st prize for “Cycologic”: a film about changing the world one bicycle at a time

One woman’s unstoppable desire to change the world for the better has been put into a short film by a group of talented directors, Emilia Stålhammar, Elsa Lövdin and Veronica Pålsson. It won the 1st prize at the UN-Habitat Better Cities Film Festival at World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi.

The film makers: “As part of our studies, we went to Uganda for two months to make our final film project. We were certain that we wanted to do an inspiring and hopeful film showing a modern Uganda rather than highlighting the negative aspects that so often takes too much space in every media platform.”

The film is about Amanda Ngabirano’s tireless journey to make Uganda more bicycle-friendly. All film entries were judged by a panel of esteemed urbanists, architects and filmmakers.

Amanda Ngabirano, director MOVE Mobility Africa, is an active member of the World Cycling Alliance Steering Board, an urban planner, a lecturer and a passionate cycling advocate. Her work has been featured in leading Ugandan media outlets. To view the trailer please click on the link.

After a thorough preparation period the first pilot cycling route in Kampala has now been realized!