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MOVE Mobility

MOVE Mobility is improving accessibility, livability, safety and economic vitality

In countries, regions and cities by providing guidance towards the establishment of a sustainable transport and mobility system...

Building Resilience to Covid-19

Our colleague Reyhan Safari will speak at one of the free webinar series organized by the Association of City Managers in Nigeria on 24th July at 10 am..

Rethink city planning and mobility in Africa

Amanda Ngabirano, director and urban planner at MOVE Mobility Africa, takes us on a journey through her world and the potential for Africa to learn from and leapfrog past the mistakes European cities have made, and create more livable, thriving, sustainable cities. Watching this film is a must!

Stadtquartier Am alten Güterbahnhof in Duisburg

How can the development area Am Alten Güterbahnhof be integrated as good as possible into the existing city map and how can a network be realized in all directions and adjacent areas despite the isolated location?

Citylab housing conference in Sulaimani

Recently Tonny Bosch participated in a Citylab conference in Sulaimani. The conference was organized by View Pioneer Group in close cooperation with Saxion University and MOVE Mobility.