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MOVE Mobility

MOVE Mobility is improving accessibility, livability, safety and economic vitality

In countries, regions and cities by providing guidance towards the establishment of a sustainable transport and mobility system...

Mobility study – Transport and Mobility Strategy for the conurbation of Bethlehem

In 2018 we started the mobility study for the conurbation of Bethlehem together with our partner CDG Community Development Group. Mairie de Paris & Agence Française de Développement funded the project. The final result is an integral mobility plan for Bethlehem conurbation for the next 10 years, the first of its kind in the area. It sets the scene for changes and interventions that are needed in order to make Bethlehem conurbation an accessible, liveable and attractive place for all its inhabitants, commuters and visitors from all over the world.

Rethink city planning and mobility in Africa

Amanda Ngabirano, director and urban planner at MOVE Mobility Africa, takes us on a journey through her world and the potential for Africa to learn from and leapfrog past the mistakes European cities have made, and create more livable, thriving, sustainable cities. Watching this film is a must!