MOVE Mobility


mobility planning

Strategic Network Development is our way of working. It is the process of integrated planning which is essential for the future of cities that have to shift their mobility system  towards a more sustainable one. The basic principle of Strategic Network Development is to always work “from big to small”. In this process planning decisions need to involve all stakeholders: from national and local authorities to civil society members, NGO’s and business people. From the very beginning decision makers participate and steer the outcome of the process.

Urban (land use) planning has an enormous impact on mobility patterns. That is why Strategic Network Development starts with connecting urban planning and mobility. Once this relation is clear we focus on issues like: multimodality, road categorisation, road safety, non-motorised transport, parking management, governance and financial arrangements. We always keep in mind the implications of transport on society and environment. Thus, in our projects we connect transport challenges with other topics, such as economic development, environment protection, climate change and health.


Move Mobility focusses on three key elements