MOVE Mobility


mobility planning

Strategic Network Development is our way of working; it is the process of integrated planning which is essential for the future of cities that want to shift their mobility system towards a more sustainable one. Because ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. In these processes planning decisions need to involve all stakeholders: from local authorities to civil society members, NGO’s and business people. Thus, organizing City Labs is an essential first step for adequate planning in cities.

The basic principle of these City Labs is to visualize the city from ‘big to small’. This means first studying the city as part of an interactive wider-region and then focus on smaller specific sections like the Central Business District. This is necessary for understanding the synergy of the network, the city and its surroundings. By following this principle, mistakes and loss of invested money are avoided. Ultimately it is everyone’s aim for the city to become a Smart Moving City! This means multimodality, with consistent networks for walking, cycling, public transport and cars.

Move Mobility focusses on three key elements