MOVE Mobility



MOVE Mobility participates in “Agglomerationskonzept Köln/Bonn”

MOVE Mobility signed a contract to support the Köln/Bonn region by providing expert advice on the spatial development of the region.




Germany, Region Köln/Bonn


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The Köln/Bonn region is currently facing various challenges related to spatial development. Issues such as land development and traffic infrastructure are often conflicting and have to be accommodated in a limited space (for example settlement development versus open space protection). The solutions to address these challenges are to be found at a supra-regional and regional scale and in the form of integrated urban development concepts.

Against this background, the “Agglomerationskonzept Köln/Bonn” aims at developing objectives and a future vision for the spatial development of Köln/Bonn region, through an intensive dialogue in the form of workshops, colloquia, forums, that will bring together stakeholders, professionals and experts from urban and regional level and various fields of work.