MOVE Mobility



E-bikes, a step towards a sustainable mobility system in Africa

MOVE Mobility engages in the introduction of e-bikes in Africa

More and more of our projects in Africa focus on e-mobility.  Electric-mobility (E-mobility), or electrification of transport, stands out amongst the most promising emerging disruptive technologies at the interface of the clean energy transition and sustainable transportation. It creates opportunities to mitigate climate change, enhance energy efficiency and the quality of transport services, and improve urban air quality.

The e-bike is starting to become popular since e-bicycles are accessible and affordable alternatives to motorbikes. They are also the most efficient vehicle for last mile deliveries and a proven solution for logistics and commute across the world. Additionally, charging them is as fast, easy and affordable as charging a phone.

Manufacturers are trying to expand their market by also looking at mountainous (hilly) countries. Currently, a prototype of an e-bike with an extra powerful motor is riding around in Kigali and its surroundings, and in Kampala.

During recent visits to Uganda and Rwanda, Tonny Bosch visited eBee, a pan-African e-mobility company.  The company was founded in late 2021 in Kenya and is now operational with electric bicycles in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They sell and rent their e-bicycles and also operate a fleet of last mile delivery riders, creating green jobs for women and youth.

In short, a good step towards a sustainable mobility system.