MOVE Mobility



Action plan Reduction of Traffic Congestion 2.0

MOVE Mobility uses the Mobiliteitsscan to calculate the effect of different measures in order to reduce traffic congestion




The Netherlands


Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Rijkswaterstaat wants to ease the congestion levels in the short term and has put together a package of measures. Measures that can be implemented quickly and that are effective. In 2016, Rijkswaterstaat already identified 24 measures (both in traffic management and infrastructure) in the Action plan Reduction of Traffic Congestion 2.0 to alleviate traffic jams in the coming years. The measures have been presented both by Rijkswaterstaat and by the different regions in the Netherlands. All measures are focused on reducing of traffic congestion quickly and effectively.

The product of this assignment is a report describing the approach and method used. In addition, the measures and their effects are included, as well as the results of the calculation of the individual measures and the total package.