MOVE Mobility



Amanda A. Ngabirano

Representative Africa

Urban and Regional Planning

Book knowledge alone is never enough. It’s the effect of its combination with passion, commitment, experience and the right team that makes a difference


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I am very passionate about transport issues and organized spatial development in African cities. I am always concerned about how people in these cities can be enabled to move from one place to another efficiently, conveniently, and safely, and also about what choices they have. I want to make a positive, tangible contribution towards fair, coordinated and sustainable urban development through design, partnerships, advocacy and stakeholder engagement.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning attained at Makerere University, and a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning and Development, attained at Saxion University, Netherlands, and University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.

Besides my position at MOVE Mobility, I am a lecturer of Urban and Regional Planning at Makerere University; always seeking to link theory and practice.