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  1. Mobility Study for Bethlehem

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    The teams of MOVE Mobility and Community Development Group (CDG), won the tender for a Mobility Study for Bethlehem Municipality.

    Together with our Palestinian partner CDG we will support Bethlehem Municipality with the development of a Transport and Mobility Master plan. The coming 12 months we will develop this plan in an active process with and for the Bethlehem Municipality. The plan will be based on a sustainable connection between planning, transport and economic development.

  2. “Place Making” in Luwum street

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    Smart Moving Kampala! The mobility memorandum for this city contains an elaboration of a pilot NMT (non-motorised transport) route. The implementation process must be carefully followed. After all, the streets in Africa are much more than just an infrastructure where you can move about. It is also a market place, a place to talk and of course it is intended to facilitate all traffic types.
    On the photo you see “Place Making” in Luwum street (part of the pilot route). With the help of elements, paint, closures, et cetera the future situation has already been imitated for two days.

    Our representative Amanda Ngabirano is closely involved in this communication process that UN Habitat finances for a large part.


  3. Knowledge Transfer from The Netherlands to Uganda

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    At the invitation of RVO and the Dutch Embassy in Kampala, a delegation of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA) visited The Netherlands.  The purpose of the study trip was to contribute to the inclusive urban development in Kampala district and to strengthen cooperation between The Netherlands and Uganda in the field of urban development.

    MOVE Mobility and DASUDA organised the program. Topics were waste to energy, urban agriculture, mobility and NMT (non-motorised transport), and upgrading of city markets.

  4. Redevelopment of Kajjansi market area

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    Kajjansi is a town in Wakiso District and nowadays integrated into the greater Kampala Metropolitan area. The Kajjansi area was always known for its market along the main connecting road from Kampala to Entebbe. Uganda’s rapid development (connection Airport Entebbe – capital Kampala) puts pressure on this area. Nowadays there is a lack of good quality housing, clean water, sanitation, reliable power supply, waste management, and adequate infrastructure for all modes.

    Field visits were undertaken and variety of stakeholder meetings took place focusing on spatial, mobility and inclusive business qualities, constraints and opportunities. In total over 30 organisations have actively contributed to the three development scenarios described in the Kajjansi Junction Report. The project is considered as a first step in a timeline that enables a phased operationalisation of an integrated spatial development strategy (Masterplan).