MOVE Mobility



MOVE Mobility continues to exchange knowledge with Al Najaf

Recently we hosted a delegation from the Urban Development department of Al Najaf city, a city with approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants.

A few months ago a high-level delegation from Al-Najaf al-Ashraf Governorate visited The Netherlands. They were informed about city master planning specifically for authorities and decision makers in the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Municipalities/Iraq and Al-Najaf al-Ashraf Governorate.

A delegation from the Urban Development department Al Najaf city wanted to learn as much as possible about the practical part of city master planning. We showed them around in Rotterdam and The Hague.

During an ideas workshop our partner Nahuel Beccan Davila talked about the challenges and strengths of the city, especially the possible urban development along Lake Najaf, the improvement of Al Iskan Avenua, 60 meters wide, and the mobility system. They further discussed about water management and the regeneration of the informal settlements.

The participants returned to their country Iraq with new ideas how to develop a resilient and comfortable city for residents and visitors.