MOVE Mobility



Veysel Sarici

Türkiye Country Manager

Transport modeling, mobility planning, energy and transport economics, and project management

Analytics for the future generations


+90 380 999 1900


Designing sustainable mobility systems and participating in such projects is an area where I can fully apply my technical knowledge as a passionate engineer and find professional satisfaction. Sustainable mobility and the development of environmentally and socially responsible, efficient, and safe systems align with my values in contributing to the well-being and prosperity of societies. In such projects, I am excited to share my expertise in transport modeling, mobility planning, energy and transport economics, and project management.

I have contributed to a wide range of projects involving transportation, energy, environment, and urban infrastructure. Working on these projects, which provide public benefits, plays a significant role in making positive impacts on the environment and addressing the needs of society. Consequently, working in these professional domains offers a promising outlook for the future.

My educational background includes studies in industrial engineering and electrical engineering at Istanbul Technical University. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I served as a research assistant at the same university while pursuing my master’s and PhD studies. Subsequently, I gained experience as an expert in the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, the Ministry of Development, and the Presidency of Türkiye Presidency of Strategy and Budget. Currently, I am employed as a project manager and deputy team leader in the Düzce Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan project.