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MOVE Mobility welcomes a high-level delegation from KCCA

As part of the “Redevelopment of Old Taxi Park Kampala” project, DASUDA gave a high-level delegation from Kampala an insight into Dutch public transport hubs. 





The Netherlands


Invest International and KCCA



  • Witteveen+Bos

  • Rebel Group

  • Utrecht Municipality

  • Rotterdam Municipality

MOVE Mobility is partner of DASUDA. DASUDA supports Kampala Capital City Authority with the feasibility studies and an implementation plan to redevelop the current congested transport hub for minivans (Old Taxi Park) into a new sustainable transport terminal. The ultimate objective is to provide efficient transport solutions, improve the urban quality, and create new economic opportunities for thousands of commuters and entrepreneurs in downtown Kampala. We are currently finalizing the studies and a market sounding for implementation is ongoing.

The study tour began with transportation from Schiphol Airport to Zandvoort by using the “Zuidtangent” (Dutch for “south tangent”). Zuidtangent is the former name of the Bus Rapid Transit service between Haarlem, Hoofddorp, and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Later that day the participants enjoyed “Amsterdam beach”.

The following day we visited Amsterdam Central Station, a major international railway hub, used by 192,000 passengers a day, making it the second busiest railway station after Utrecht Centraal. Experts from DASUDA and Witteveen+Bos explained about the redevelopment of the central station with the bus terminal at the waterfront and the new metro line. We used the ferry, another mode, to cross the Y to Amsterdam North.

Next on the list was Utrecht Centraal and its surrounding urban development. Utrecht Centraal can be seen as a multi modal hub where 285,000 people transit through the station. Both the railway station and the bus station are the largest and busiest in the Netherlands. The bicycle parking station   on the east side is the largest in the world. The group was welcomed by the Alderman Mrs. Van Hooijdonk and staff members of the Municipality of Utrecht. After presentations about the mobility task for the municipality and mobility around the station area we were taken on a tour around the area.

The third day of the study tour focussed on Rotterdam. We visited Blaak station, which used to be an overhead railway line and has now been transformed into an underground tunnel and station with a huge public square in its place. High density development emerged here and functions like the library and market hall boosted the city’s quality.

After a lunch and presentation at the office of Rebel Group, the study tour continued at Rotterdam Zuidplein hub and so called ‘Hart van Zuid’ (Heart of South). Hart van Zuid is a large scale area development, TOD based and with a central public transport hub for bus and metro in a public private partnership construction. The renewed ‘Gooilandsingel’ is redesigned as an NMT zone.

Our last visit was at the City Townhall with Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb to exchange knowledge and insights of Rotterdam and Kampala and to get to know each other. At the end of the afternoon we used one of the most ionic modes in Rotterdam, the Watertaxi, to see the Old Harbour and enjoy dinner at Hotel New York.

It was a great pleasure to show the delegation from KCCA around Dutch multi-modal hubs with focus on bus terminals. We hope these few days has inspired everybody how the OTP Omutima Terminal could function as a modern and most effective terminal.