MOVE Mobility



Knowledge Exchange Program ‘Smart Moving Cities’

With our Knowledge Transfer Program ‘Smart Moving Cities’ we intend to make cities better, safer, attractive and more livable


on going


Various countries


Various private and public institutions from Mexico, Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq, Sweden, Ukraine, USA etc.

The Knowledge Transfer Program ‘Smart Moving Cities’ has been set up by our company in order to support mutual learning from best practices and increase international cooperation in the mobility field. Making cities better, safer, attractive and more livable – that is the main goal of this program. One of the key points is to increase institutional capacity for creating smart cities and to teach people from various institutions how to efficiently work together.

Under the guidance of experts from MOVE Mobility the participants attend a program that shows them in practice and in discussions with designers, engineers and stakeholders how to create a better city to live in, especially from a mobility and transport point of view. Participants can acquire knowledge about inter- and multimodality, the governance and financing of transport related projects, road design, traffic management, tender processes. They visit several cities in the Netherlands to see some of these elements in practice.