MOVE Mobility



“Schalkwijk verbindt!”

VE-R, VAST, MOVE Mobility and Field Factors worked together in “Schalkwijk verbindt!” for the competition Panorama Lokaal. We focused in the assignment for Schalkwijk on the transition of mobility.

In “Schalkwijk verbindt!” we show how to steer a positive shift from ‘coming and going to and from the neighbourhood’, with the emphasis on the car, to ‘moving within the neighbourhood’, with the emphasis on cycling, quality of public space and public transport.

The proposal was part of the three finalists for the Panorama Lokaal for this location organized by the Governmental Advisors of Spatial Quality of the Netherlands together with the Municipality of Haarlem and Pré Wonen housing corporation. The aim of the competition was to propose innovative as well as feasible ways of enhancing the urban qualities of this city edge.
In “Schalkwijk verbindt!” we proposed a positive shift from large-scale infrastructure to an inclusive place for all and by all residents of the neighborhood; a space for people.

Our project “Schalkwijk verbindt!” was on display in the exhibition of ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem for the ‘Waddenbuurt’ in Schalkwijk, Haarlem.