MOVE Mobility



MIRT Research Utrecht Metropolitan Area (The Dutch Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport)

Together with our consortium partners we will start working in Utrecht region. In the framework of the U Ned programme, a MIRT Research will be undertaken, investigating the urbanisation process on the long term (2040) in Utrecht Metropolitan Area.

We are extremely proud to have been entrusted to work together with Must, Twynstra Gudde, Sweco and Decisio on the MIRT Research for Utrecht Metropolitan Area. A challenge we are very excited about!

The region has the task to expand the existing urban area with a city the size of Eindhoven, starting from now, until 2040. Our role is to identify and make an inventory of challenges and opportunities for supporting a smart and healthy accessibility in the region.

Compactness and proximity are key concepts for this topic. For us this means that we will focus even more on pointing out the opportunities that cycling and walking have to offer, both as separate transportation modes and in combination with public transport and private vehicles.