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Competitiveness analysis Gelderland

The province Gelderland asked Goudappel Coffeng and MOVE Mobility to classify bottlenecks in Gelderland considering the scale of their effect and thus to identify those bottlenecks that have a national, regional or local impact, for both transport of people and goods.




The Netherlands, province Gelderland


Province Gelderland

Gelderland is lagging behind the Randstad provinces and North Brabant in terms of accessing financing for solving the traffic bottlenecks inside the area of the province. This may be related with an allegedly lower economic importance of the province and with the lack of appealing economic assets that, for example, Brabant has.

On the other hand, it can also be argued that Gelderland is part of the Randstad system and of the spatial and economic core of the Netherlands. Attractive living and leisure areas that find themselves within 90 minutes travel time are also assets for the job market in the Randstad area.

Such an insight gives a different perspective to the traffic issues on the road network in Gelderland. Until now, the prioritisation of bottlenecks has been done based on the catchment area of such points in the network, without reference to any specific delay related indicators. It is in fact possible to go even deeper in the analysis of the catchment area of a bottleneck and to identify who is the “owner” of the problem: are the delays of a local nature or are they caused by traffic problems from a national scale?