MOVE Mobility



MIRT Research North-West Amsterdam (NowA)

Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, MOVE Mobility performed various analyses with the Mobiliteitsscan in the framework of the MIRT research NowA.




The Netherlands


Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

A large variety of themes are at play on the north-western side of Amsterdam. Developments related to, for example, accessibility, technology, economy, spatial planning and demography will lead in the future to important changes in the travel patterns and therefore in the accessibility of the region.

In this project, all topics related to the MIRT research North-West Amsterdam (NowA) are brought together. Based on the output obtained from these topics, a series of autonomous developments and solutions have been translated into input for the Mobiliteitsscan. The following activities have been carried out:

  • Analysis and visualisation of existing bottlenecks in the transport system
  • “What-if” analysis used for the exploration of effects of policy options and of the autonomous developments.

By quantifying the challenges, a clearer picture of the complexity of the topics that are at play in NoWA can be obtained. In order to understand whether problems reinforce themselves or not and to explore the effectiveness of solutions, a quantitative indicator has been used.