MOVE Mobility



Update of the BBI (Accessibility Indicator) module in the Mobiliteitsscan

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has commissioned MOVE Mobility to update and to expand the module BBI (Accessibility Indicator) in the Mobiliteitsscan




The Netherlands


Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The Mobiliteitsscan is an internet tool that makes data from, for example, traffic models accessible and gives the users the opportunity to perform (model) analyses based on that data.

One of the modules in the Mobiliteitsscan is the Accessibility Indicator (Bereikbaarheidsindicator).

This module needs to go through an improvement process. This is related to the following functionalities:

  • Import functionality – refine the polygon area selection
  • Regression calculations added as a functionality
  • Data validation possibilities – output also explained in information pup-ups
  • Logical menu structure
  • Improved interface that allows freedom of choice for different types of users