MOVE Mobility



Urban accessibility – A system comparison between Public Transport+Bike, and the car

Together with CE Delft, MOVE Mobility is doing innovative research into urban accessibility.




The Netherlands


Various clients

The project involves a systematic and quantitative comparison between two urban transport systems: one is designed mainly for bicycle and public transport and the other one is designed with a strong focus on the car. MOVE Mobility will do most of the calculations with the Mobiliteitsscan tool. Clients include the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands), and there is guidance from the scientific world.

The project concerns innovative research, which means that the interpretation of the assignment and the working method can change during the project, partly on the basis of input from the clients. The innovative aspect of this project concerns not only the content but also the organisation of the project. There are several participating (financing) parties that are given a say in the research during the project.

At the end of the assignment a public research report will be delivered with a description of the approach, the most important outcomes and the applicability to other situations.